Who Was The Original Lead Singer Of REO Speedwagon?

REO Speedwagon is an American hard rock band from Champaign, Illinois. Formed in 1967, the group originally included guitarist and lead vocalist Joe Matt , bassist and backing vocalist Mike Blair, keyboardist Neal Doughty and drummer Alan Gratzer.

What happened to the original singer of REO Speedwagon?

Gary Richrath, the REO Speedwagon guitarist who wrote some of the band’s biggest hits, including “Take It on the Run” and “In Your Letter,” died Sunday , according to a post by REO lead singer Kevin Cronin. Kevin Cronin wrote this note the band’s official Facebook page. Richrath was 65. The cause of death was not given.

How many lead singers did REO Speedwagon have?

The current lineup of REO Speedwagon consists of Cronin, original member Neal Doughty (keyboards), Bruce Hall (bass), Dave Amato (lead guitar) and Bryan Hitt (drums) Notably, these five band members have been together since 1989. REO remains a popular live band which tours steadily throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

How many original members of REO Speedwagon are there?

R.E.O. Speedwagon was released in October of 1971 and credited all five members (Doughty, Gratzer, Richrath, Philbin, and Luttrell) as the writers of all eight songs.

When did Kevin Cronin join REO Speedwagon?

Cronin first joined the Illinois-based band in 1972 in time to record their second album, R.E.O./T.W.O., but he left the group because of creative differences during the making of their next record, Ridin’ the Storm Out. In 1976, Kevin rejoined REO Speewagon and has fronted the band ever since.

Is the lead singer of REO Speedwagon married?

REO Speedwagon skyrocketed to fame in 1980 with their chart topping album, “Hi Infidelity.” Today Mark and Cristina welcome REO’s lead singer, Kevin Cronin and his beautiful wife Lisa Kevin and Lisa share the story of their storybook romance and secret to their successful 24-year marriage.

What does REO stand for in REO Speedwagon band?

It is an ancestor of the pickup truck. First introduced in 1915, production continued through at least 1953, and made REO (the initials of its founder, Ransom Eli Olds ) one of the better-known manufacturers of commercial vehicles in America prior to World War II.

Why did Alan Gratzer leave REO Speedwagon?

After 21 years with the band, he left in 1988 to spend more time at home with his family His three children were in grade school at the time. “I was a dad to our children, but I needed to be their father,” Gratzer said.

Who wrote the songs for REO Speedwagon?

Richrath was born in October 1949, according to public records. He was a member of the band when it released its self-titled debut in 1971 and was with REO Speedwagon until 1989. Richrath co-wrote some of the band’s songs, including “Take It on the Run,” which became a Top 5 pop hit on the Billboard charts.

Is REO Speedwagon in the Rock Hall of Fame?

Hi friends, so yesterday REO Speedwagon joined the first induction class, along with Cheap Trick, Chicago, The Buckinghams, and the Ides of March, into the Illinois Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Who are the members of REO Speedwagon today?

  • Neal Doughty – keyboards (1967–present)
  • Kevin Cronin – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards (1972–1973, 1976–present)
  • Bruce Hall – bass, backing and lead vocals (1977–present)
  • Dave Amato – lead guitar, backing vocals (1989–present)
  • Bryan Hitt – drums, percussion (1989–present)

Why does Kevin Cronin play guitar with his thumb?

I realized that it was in some kind of different tuning , so I just messed around with it. I remembered Richie Havens at Woodstock. When he played, he wrapped his thumb around the top of the neck, and I thought, ‘I’ll try that. ‘ I did, and sure enough, it sounded good.

What happened to the lead guitarist for REO Speedwagon?

Reo Speedwagon guitarist Gary Richrath has died , the band announced on its website and Facebook page Sunday. He was 65. Band frontman Kevin Cronin said in a message that “my longtime friend and collaborator Gary Richrath passed away earlier (Sunday).” He did not disclose a cause of death. “I feel so sad,” Cronin wrote.

What happened to Mike Murphy of REO Speedwagon?

Mike Murphy, REO Speedwagon’s lead singer from 1973 -1975 is still recovering after being hit by a car while riding his bike. He is now walking in rehab and therapy Get well soon Mike.

Who did Dave Amato play with before REO Speedwagon?

This year marks Boston-born Dave Amato’s 19th annum with REO Speedwagon. The guitarist moved to California in 1980 and became a working session player before gigging with Ted Nugent, Jimmy Barnes, and Cher , then landed the gig with REO, which has taken him around the world and seen him acquire many classic instruments.

Who is touring with REO Speedwagon 2021?

(DETROIT – December 3, 2021) – It’s been four years since legendary rockers REO Speedwagon and Styx joined forces for a summer co-headlining tour. While the world has changed since then, fans’ desire to rock out hasn’t.

Who is Kevin Cronin Ozark?

The title is, “Kevin Cronin Was Here.” Kevin Cronin is the lead singer for the band REO Speedwagon.

What state does Kevin Cronin live in?

Kevin and his wife, Lisa, live in Southern California The Cronin clan consists of son, Paris, daughter, Holly, and twins, Josh and Shane.

Why did Gary leave REO?

He ultimately left the band in large part due to disagreements over the direction of the band’s music ; his departure was acrimonious, but the band members reconciled enough to play together at a charity event in 2013. “It was very hard to get the news,” said Hall, who joined REO in 1977.

What does REO stand for in Navy?

Radar Intercept Officer | Top Gun Wiki | Fandom.

What happened between Kevin Cronin and Gary Richrath?

When Gary Richrath left REO, it was rumored the band was breaking up because of extreme personality conflicts among REO’s members. Gary Richrath did admit to crossing swords a few times with lead singer Kevin Cronin “We had songwriting conflicts about whose songs would go on the albums,” Richrath said.

How did REO Speedwagon get on Ozark?

How did it come about? When the call came in for us to appear in Ozark, my reaction was, “ They’re going to have REO Speedwagon playing on a riverboat in the Lake of the Ozarks? ” When I have a question, I bring it up at the dinner table. At that time, my [twin] sons were 19 and my daughter was 22.

Who is the girl in the REO Speedwagon video?

The video: “That Ain’t Love” by REO Speedwagon. The girl-now-woman: Karen Peterson Matchinga.

Who are the original Foreigner members?

Ed Gagliardi, original bassist for GRAMMY-nominated rock band Foreigner, died May 11 following a bout with cancer. He was 62. Foreigner’s original recording lineup comprised Gagliardi, vocalist Lou Gramm, guitarist Mick Jones, keyboardist Al Greenwood, drummer Dennis Elliott, and multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald.

Who was the lead singer of Foreigner in 1981?

2 on the 1981/82 American Hot 100 chart, and “I Want to Know What Love Is” became a No. 1 hit in eight countries. Gramm co-wrote many of the songs, and with a range and a delivery that put him in the top tier of rock singers, fans threw themselves at Foreigner’s feet.

Was the lead singer of Foreigner on Modern Family?

The episode title references the film An Affair to Remember. Harold Grossman sings Foreigner’s “I Want to Know What Love Is”.