What Is The Story Behind The Chandelier Music Video?

On “Chandelier,” Sia sings about a wild party girl who is literally swinging from the chandelier at night, but crippled by feelings of intense guilt and shame come morning The woman in “Chandelier” is surrounding herself with phony friends who don’t really care about her. She’s self-medicating with alcohol.

Who is the girl in the Chandelier video?

Ziegler has appeared in music videos for such artists as Alexx Calise, Sia and Todrick Hall. She gained wide notice, at the age of 11, by starring in the 2014 video for “Chandelier” by Sia, who discovered her on Dance Moms.

Who created the Chandelier dance on Tik Tok?

The “Chandelier” dance is the work of Los Angeles-based artist and choreographer Ryan Heffington Previously, Heffington choreographed Kesha tour routines and commercials for companies such as Target, but recently he’s having a music video moment.

What inspired Chandelier by SIA?

Sia, “Chandelier” It started starkly, with Sia on piano, exploring ideas, and co-writer Jesse Shatkin on marimba They found the feel and the chords, which she recorded on her phone, and sent to Jesse, who filled out the track. His melodic ideas, and “mad genius,” as she described it, led to the words.

Was the Chandelier video one take?

Sia – ‘Chandelier’ After the original version of the promo clocked up over 20 million views in a month, Sia later premiered a one-take version of ‘Chandelier’, with the clip jam-packed with even more footage of 11-year old Maddie Ziegler’s dance routine.

Does Maddie Ziegler like Jojo Siwa?

In 2016, Siwa, who was 13 years old at the time, told TMZ that Ziegler was “one of [her] best friends in the whole wide world.” The “Boomerang” singer even compared their friendship to another famous best friend duo, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. The teenager gushed about their plans to live together.

Was Maddie Ziegler in PLL?

On Tuesday, Pretty Little Liars’ opening scene was unlike anything the show had done before: The viewer was taken inside Spencer’s mind as she watched a young girl, played by Maddie Ziegler , dance around a creepy room in what appeared to be Charles’ dollhouse.

What type of dance is Chandelier?

I’d call that contemporary.

Why does Sia always hiding her face?

Sia hides her face as a way to maintain her anonymity and privacy She also explained that she wanted a touch of mystery in her performances which gave her the idea to use wigs to cover her face.

Is Maddie Ziegler in Sia Chandelier music video?

Sia officially took her first big swing as a movie director, and it didn’t go well. That’s an understatement. The pop artist is facing severe backlash for her new film, Music, starring Maddie Ziegler—the popular young dancer you might recognize from Dance Moms as well as the iconic music video for Sia’s “Chandelier.”.

Is Chandelier hard to sing?

“Chandelier” is a very challenging song to sing Not many singers can do a smooth transition between their chest register and head voice (falsetto).

What is Sia Chandelier meaning?

What is the real meaning behind Sia’s Chandelier? Sia had expressed her thoughts on the song on Genius. Sia admitted that the lyrics of the song initially talk about “ suppression of fear through self-medication ” and how making “party friends one’s higher power works until it doesn’t.”.

What is Sia’s real name?

Sia, whose real name is Sia Kate Isobelle Furler , said she suffers from a syndrome called Ehlers-Danlos.

Where did Maddie and Mackenzie go?

Maddie continues to dance but also is pursuing acting and exploring her passion for makeup. Mackenzie, on the other hand, continues to pursue music and has released a number of songs into the world as of late. We’re sure Ziegler fans are looking forward to seeing what the sisters get up to next.

How did Sia meet Maddie?

Maddie Ziegler reveals how she first met Sia Sensing Ziegler’s talent and stage presence, Sia actually reached out to the dancer on Twitter to see if she’d be interested in being in her video , Chandelier. In a recent interview with SBJCT Journal Ziegler recalled the tweet that ultimately changed the course of her life.

How old is Maddie in Season 1 of Dance Moms?

Maddie Ziegler Generally seen as Abby’s favorite on Dance Moms, Maddie started on the show at the age of 8 , in “The Competition Begins.” By 2014, when she was 11, Maddie landed a starring role in singer Sia’s video for “Chandelier,” one of the most-watched videos in history.

Who was Chandelier on masked singer?

Heather Small , lead singer of the 1990s band M People, was revealed to be the Chandelier! Chandelier was revealed to be Heather Small, lead singer of the 1990s band M People.

How old was Maddie in Chandelier?

The pair are extremely close and have been ever since Sia cast her in the music video for her huge hit “Chandelier” when she was 11 The Australian singer first spotted Ziegler, now 18, on Lifetime’s long-running reality series Dance Moms, which follows aspiring dancers and their pushy mothers.

How old is Maddie?

Well, Maddie Ziegler’s age is 19 years old as of today’s date 23rd December 2021 having been born on 30 September 2002.

How many Sia videos has Maddie Ziegler been in?

In addition to her seven videos with Sia, the young dancer also appeared in music videos for other singers and groups, such as ‘Freaks like me’ by Todrick Hall, ‘It’s a Party Girl’ by Mack Z and ‘Speechless’ by Eddie Benjamin.

Who is the richest dance mom girl?

Brooke Hyland has laid pretty low since Dance Moms While Brooke might not be raking in the millions or starring in movies and shows, she still has an impressive net worth for someone her age. According to The Richest, Brooke reportedly has a net worth of about $250,000.

Who was the creepy little girl in PLL?

A few seasons ago, Maddie Ziegler appeared on an episode of PLL where she played a creepy little girl in Radley. She was seen only by Spencer, and we watched her do an eerie ballet routine atop bathtubs and hospital beds.

Is CeCe Drake and Charles DiLaurentis the same person?

Game Over, Charles It’s revealed that Charles DiLaurentis is, in fact, Charlotte DiLaurentis, alias CeCe Drake , and he transitioned at the age of 16.

How long were the PLL in the dollhouse?

The episode focuses on the Liars’ captivity in the dollhouse where they are being trapped for over three weeks.

How old was Maddie Ziegler when she started dancing?

As most young girls, 2-year-old Maddie began taking classes in ballet in 2004. But soon enough her hobby turned into more of a passion as she learned to dance in a range of styles. We’re talking jazz, contemporary, lyrical, pointe, tap, acrobatics, and modern dance!.

How long did Maddie learn Chandelier?

According to Maddie, the choreography for the video was learned in two hours , and she worked on it for three days in her room prior to shooting.

Is Chandelier a contemporary dance?

That’s a contemporary dance based on aerobics and ballet elements. No particular relation to the lyrics, just coordinated with the music rhythm and stylised to fit the music.

Why does Sia have an accent?

She’s Australian More particularly, she’s from Adelaide in South Australia. The Australian accent doesn’t differ very much around the country (especially compared to the huge amount of variation in the UK) but the SA accent does tend to be a little bit of an outlier.