What Is Kay Flock In Jail For?

As originally reported by The Daily News, the 18-year-old Flock was taken into custody on December 23, 2021 for allegedly killing Oscar Hernandez , who’d been waiting to get his haircut on the morning of December 16, 2021.

Does Kay flock have a girlfriend?

Kay Flock has been in a relationship with a girl since the beginning of 2020; however, he has yet to reveal her name According to Wikipedia, his real name is Kay Roy, but he is well-known by his stage name Kay Flock. The younger artist and his girlfriend have appeared in several YouTube videos together.

Are Lil Durk and Kay Flock related?

He was the brother of ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ hitmaker Lil Durk (born Durk Derrick Banks) and his real name was Dontay Banks Jr. DThang was found dead in S. Loomis Blvd in Cook County, Chicago. There is, however, no report directly relating Lil Durk with Kay Flock.

Who signed Kay flock?

‘ His other songs include B-Lovee, Opp Spotter, and Brotherly Love. His song Brotherly Love was well received by his supporters and the song received over 8 million views on YouTube. Very soon he was signed in by the Capitol records since they saw a bright future in him. He released in debut mixtape in November 201.

What is Kay flock real name?

The full name of Kay’s real name is Kevin Perez and he was born on 20 April 2003, so we can say that he is 18 years. And at this age, he has been doing great as he is now popular and best known for his professions such as singer, rapper, controversial personality, musical artist, and media personality.

What country is Kay flock from?

Energetic young artist Kay Flock’s age is 28 years old as of now. He was born in 1992, and he celebrates his birthday every year on October 1. Moreover, Kay was born and brought up in Upper Marlboro, Maryland His zodiac sign is Libra.

What hood is Kay flock from?

Kay Flock hails from the Bronx.

What projects is Kay flock from?

Billboard spoke with November’s R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie of the Month about his early breakout in the rap game at 18, his D.O.A. Tape project and how he aims to set himself apart from other rising artists.

What does Kay flock weigh?

Kay Flock’s height was 5 feet 6 inches and his weight is 60 kg.

Is Kay flock from the Bronx?

Maryland Born – Bronx Raised Rapper Kay Flock Arrested for Murder.

Is DThang GZ alive?

According to current sources, Dthang Gz is not alive anymore as he passed away on Sunday. His tragic death is said to have been caused by gun violence in Chicago on Sunday night. Dthang was Lil Durk’s older brother, who was tragically shot and killed by rival gang members in gun violence on Sunday night.

How old is DThang Bronx rapper?

Dthang GZ is a rising rapper and Bronx Drill founder who is 21 years of age Find more details on the rapper.

Who is the cousin of Lil Durk?

DThang killing: Lil Durk’s cousin OTF Nunu was also shot dead in Chicago back in 2014. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: In the early hours of Sunday, June 6, it was reported that rapper Lil Durk’s brother DThang had been shot dead near a Chicago nightclub.