What Does Alice Say When She Falls Down The Rabbit Hole?

Down, down, down. Would the fall never come to an end! `I wonder how many miles I’ve fallen by this time?’ she said aloud.

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What does Alice find when she falls down the rabbit hole?

Alice impulsively follows the Rabbit and tumbles down the deep hole that resembles a well, falling slowly for a long time. As she floats down, she notices that the sides of the well are covered with cupboards and shelves She plucks a marmalade jar from one of the shelves.

How does Alice respond to falling down an impossibly long rabbit hole?

How does Alice respond to the rabbit jumping down the hole? She jumps down the hole without thinking of the consequences She patiently waits for the rabbit to come back out of the hole. She carefully looks down the hole and decides not to jump in.

What does Alice say to the White Rabbit?

The White Rabbit “Oh my fur and whiskers! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” “I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date!.

What does the saying going down a rabbit hole mean?

Definition of rabbit hole : a complexly bizarre or difficult state or situation conceived of as a hole into which one falls or descends I wanted to show this woman descending into the rabbit hole: this loss of self, becoming a servant to her job and to the work.—.

What does the rabbit hole symbolize in Alice in Wonderland?

In the story, Alice literally falls down the hole of the White Rabbit, taking her to Wonderland. In this case, falling down the rabbit hole meant entering a strange and absurd alternate universe, which many believe was supposed to represent a psychedelic experience.

Is Alice in Wonderland about drugs?

Alice’s adventures do sound out of the ordinary—and Tim Burton’s extreme take on the book in his new movie is getting people talking. But no evidence exists that supports the idea that Carroll wrote this story under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What was the reaction of the birds when Alice talked about Dinah?

Alice continues to tell the animals that Dinah eats birds, which causes all of the animals to scatter in fear Alone again, Alice begins to cry until she hears the distant pattering of footsteps.

Why did Alice decide to chase the rabbit?

Answer: Led on by curiosity, Alice follows the elusive rabbit even though she does not know what she will do once she catches him. She pursues him out of pure curiosity but believes that catching him will give her some new knowledge or satisfaction.

Why did Alice run after the rabbit?

Explanation: Alice runs away from the Victorian world of her sister because she feels unfulfilled , but she quickly discovers that Wonderland will not fulfill any of her desires. Wonderland thwarts her expectations at every turn. The Rabbit represents this motif of frustrated desire.

What is the White Rabbit catchphrase?

1. What is the White Rabbit’s catchphrase? I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!.

What is the most famous quote from Alice in Wonderland?

  • “Off with their heads!” .
  • “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” .
  • “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” .
  • “We’re all mad here.” .
  • “Curiouser and curiouser!”

What is the White Rabbit a metaphor for?

So the white rabbit is more than Dujour’s tattoo, it’s a metaphor for following one’s curiosity to an impossible land What makes this metaphor especially interesting is that Neo is, in a way, already in Wonderland. He is actually about to emerge from the rabbit hole… and boy is he in for a surprise.

Where did the term rabbit hole come from?

The term rabbit hole comes from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” in which a young girl called Alice falls down a rabbit hole, encounters many strange creatures and has many surreal experiences.

How do I stop going down the rabbit hole?

  1. Use A Timer: Set a time limit for each task, then use a timer to hold yourself accountable to it
  2. Set Proper Expectations: When answering a phone call, set an expectation for a time limit in advance.

What is rabbit Hole in social media?

When saying this, you mean that a person (or you) is caught up in intense topic-research phase that includes going deeper and deeper in studying a particular subject plus, at some point, making a detour to other places that are completely unrelated to your first search but sound and look cool – hence the expression.

Is Alice just crazy?

zooming at some topics of this novel, we come up to understand that Little Alice suffers from Hallucinations and Personality Disorders , the White Rabbit from General Anxiety Disorder “I’m late”, the Cheshire Cat is schizophrenic, as he disappears and reappears distorting reality around him and subsequently driving.

Was Alice in Wonderland a dream?

In fact, Alice is told in the form of a dream ; it is the story of Alice’s dream, told in the third person point-of-view. Because Carroll chose a dream as the structure for his story, he was free to make fun of and satirize the multitudes of standard Victorian didactic maxims in children’s literature.

What is the moral lesson of Alice in Wonderland?

Though taking risks can be scary (like crawling down a rabbit hole), but standing still can be scarier. Without taking risks and challenging ourselves, we don’t grow We really shouldn’t be doing this, after all, we haven’t been invited, and curiosity often leads to trouble.

Why did Alice cry?

Answer: Alice sat down and cried because she had shrunk too small and could not get the key to the door from the table She had tried to climb the table’s slippery leg and failed. This excerpt is from the famous novel “Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland”.

What is the king’s response to the poem Alice in Wonderland?

The King replies that Rule 42 is the oldest rule in the book , but Alice retorts that if it is the oldest rule in the book, it ought to be the first rule. The King becomes quiet for a moment before calling for a verdict.

What the Mad Hatter said to Alice?

“We never get compliments, you must have a cup of tea! ” – Mad Hatter, ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

Did Alice ask the White Rabbit If he loved her?

Like this one: “Do you love me?” Alice asked. “ No, I don’t love you! ” replied the White Rabbit. Alice frowned and clasped her hands together as she did whenever she felt hurt.

What is the White Rabbit meaning?

white rabbit in British English (waɪt ˈræbɪt) noun. a person who is in a hurry and complaining of being late , like the White Rabbit character in the children’s story ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ by Lewis Carroll. He was late, damnably late! He scuttled like the white rabbit, continually glancing at his watch.

What is Alice and Wonderland syndrome?

Alice in Wonderland syndrome (AIWS) is a rare neurological disorder characterized by distortions of visual perception, the body image, and the experience of time People may see things smaller than they are, feel their body alter in size or experience any of the syndrome’s numerous other symptoms.

What did the caterpillar say to Alice?

The Caterpillar quotes Alice replied, rather shyly, “I—I hardly know, Sir, just at present—at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.” “What do you mean by that?” said the Caterpillar, sternly. “Explain yourself!”.

What drugs is Alice in Wonderland based on?

The book and various films have all been interpreted as making reference to drug abuse , with Alice drinking potions, eating mushrooms and hallucinating as if she were on LSD, all while the world around her changes frighteningly and her mood and perceptions are hugely altered. 15.

What happens to Alice after she follows the Rabbit?

The rabbit-hole suddenly goes straight down and Alice falls into it. She falls very slowly and while she is talking to herself she falls asleep. Suddenly she lands on a heap of sticks and dry leaves and the fall is over.

What did the magpie say after Alice’s story?

Some of the birds hurried off at once: one old Magpie began wrapping itself up very carefully, remarking, ` I really must be getting home; the night-air doesn’t suit my throat!’ and a Canary called out in a trembling voice to its children, `Come away, my dears!.

What did Alice think the mouse was talking about when the mouse said Mine is a long and sad tale?

Concrete poetry Alice thinks the Mouse means its tail , which makes her imagine the poem in its twisted, tail-like shape: “It is a long tail, certainly,but why do you call it sad?” And she kept on puzzling about it while the Mouse was speaking, so that her idea of the tale was something like this:—”.

Why is Alice so intrigued by the rabbit?

1 Answers. Alice followed the rabbit because she was curious She never seen a rabbit wearing clothes or carrying a watch. She was intrigued.

What does it mean to chase the rabbit?

What does hunting have to do with training?” For those of you who are not privileged to be either from the country or the South, the term “chasing rabbits” simply means going off on a tangent —in our case, in a teaching situation. It’s a common technique, used by sly students everywhere.

Why was Alice getting bored What did she decide to do?

Young Alice is sitting by the river bank with her older sister, fellong bored because her sister had no pictures or conversation , and thus holds no interest for Alice.

Why does Alice think she is Mabel?

Analysis. Alice becomes confused about her identity as her size changes, mirroring the confusion that occurs during the transition from childhood to adulthood. The reality that she is too large to fit into the garden produces confusion over who she is, which Alice responds to with bouts of crying and self-reproach.

Who was burning with curiosity answer?

Some way off, Mary saw a gleam that looked like a wider expanse of water, but she didn’t spend long looking at that, because the creatures were making for a settlement on the riverbank, and she was burning with curiosity to see it.

What did Alice see when she opened the door?

When Alice opened the door, she found a beautiful garden It was the most beautiful garden that Alice had seen in her life. There were various coloured flowers in the garden. The fragnance was very attractive.

How did Alice offend her swimming companion?

Alice tears created a pool that she followed out of the door. Alice was speaking with the rabbit in the pool of tears. Alice was talking about her parents , to offend her swimming companion.

What does the Cheshire Cat represent?

The Cheshire Cat is sometimes interpreted as a guiding spirit for Alice , as it is he who directs her toward the March Hare’s house and the mad tea party, which eventually leads her to her final destination, the garden.

What is the rabbit in Alice and Wonderland called?

White Rabbit , character in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), a children’s classic by Lewis Carroll. The White Rabbit—who reappears several times in the story—wears a waistcoat, carries a pocket watch, and is always in a great hurry, anticipating the fury of the Duchess at his tardiness.