Is Jagame Thandiram Hit Or Flop?

Jagame Thandhiram is a failure alright, but it is certainly an interesting one, given that both the ideas that it was borne out (twin seeds, if you may) were sure-shot movie ideas on their own.

Was Jagame Thandhiram a flop?

Jagame Thandhiram is a failure alright, but it is certainly an interesting one, given that both the ideas that it was borne out (twin seeds, if you may) were sure-shot movie ideas on their own.

Is Jagame Thandhiram worth watching?

Jagame Thandhiram: Even with Dhanush’s charm, this film is not a worthy watch Offensively poor writing, terrible story, utter lack of logic, and shocking retread of assembly-line mistakes about foreign characters make this film one of the rare Dhanush films that should be avoided.

How much did Netflix pay for Jagame Thanthiram?

“JT has been acquired by Netflix for Rs 60 crore , which is the highest for any Tamil film till date.

Is Vada Chennai hit or flop?

9. Vada Chennai – Hit | ₹6,17,18,118 | Top 16 Chennai Box Office Hit films of 2018 by Behindwoods.

Is Master hit or flop?

the film earned around ₹250–₹300 crores. After this earning, this film became the highest-grossing Tamil film. Apart from this, this film also became the highest-grossing post-pandemic film. This movie was super-Hit.

Is asuran hit or flop?

Asuran was released on 4 October 2019. The film was commercially successful at the box office. It won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil in 2021, at the 67th National Film Awards.

Is Karnan real?

Released last month, Karnan (2021) has earned universal acclaim in Tamil Nadu. The movie is a fictionalised retelling of the violence that rocked the southern districts of Tamil Nadu in the 1990s.

What time is Jagame Thanthiram release?

Jagame Thanthiram Release Date And Time Thus the much-awaited Jagame Thanthiram movie will be released on Netflix on June 18, 2021, at 12.30 PM IST Fans can watch the movie on Netflix from June 18, 2021, at 12.30 PM.

Is Masaan hit or flop?

Masaan made in a Budget of 7cr. Including P&A and film collected 3.80cr. India Net and 4.80cr. Gross Worldwide. Box Office verdict is Disaster.

Is Petta hit or flop?

A Successful Venture In the interview, the popular movie distributor revealed that the Rajinikanth starrer Petta was the only successful film for him in recent times. This should rightly underline the fact that Petta was a profitable venture in total.

Is kaadan real story?

The story is centered around Rana’s character, modelled after environmental activist Jadav Payeng, popularly called the Forest Man of India, who single handedly protests against encroachment in a forest.

Will there be Vada Chennai 2?

Vada Chennai 2: Dhanush FINALLY opens up on his sequel with director Vetrimaaran [EXCLUSIVE].

Is Chennai Central movie real story?

In Vada Chennai, the issues are real and immediate The usage of real history in the film is just unprecedented in Tamil cinema. The Madras visit of Pope John Paul II in 1986 has a lot to do with the lives of people in Vada Chennai.

Is Pushpa hit or flop?

The reported distribution cost of the film is 20 crores, thus making returns of 80 crores. It translates to a 400% ROI. It’s the only Super-Duper Hit of 2021.

Is sahoo hit or flop?

Yes, critically & commercially it is a flop It’s real budget is around 400cr & it’s Nett collection is not more than 300cr. It is semi-hit in Hindi but flop in all other languages.

Is Red Notice hit or flop?

That beats out Bird Box’s prior record, 282 million hours in its first 28 days, by a good margin, and Red Notice still has ample time to expand its debut-month record. That might seem like great news for Netflix: a movie it wanted to be a huge hit was in fact a huge hit.

Is there any kissing scene in Red Notice?

The MPAA rating has been assigned for “violence and action, some sexual references, and strong language.” The evaluation includes a kiss and a couple of near kisses , several sexual references and jokes, several physical fight scenes and a few gunfight scenes with a lot of gunfire but no injuries, gore.

Is Red Notice a flop?

According to Netflix, Red Notice is enjoying the most successful launch of any of its original films — and one of the most successful of any films period. In its first 10 days of release, it was reportedly watched for approximately 278 million hours.

What is the collection of bahubali 2?

The film was the 39th highest-grossing film of 2017, grossing over ₹14.169 billion (US$218 million) in India and over ₹2.896 billion (US$44 million) overseas, for a worldwide gross of ₹17.065 billion (US$262 million) by September 2017.

Is asuran worth watching?

Asuran is one of the best Tamil movie of the year It is a well made action drama with very good making and powerful performances. Dhanush is simply the best actor now in Tamil cinema along with Vijay Sethupathi.

Is asuran a horror movie?

Asuran ( transl. Demon) is a 1995 Tamil language horror film , with cinematography and direction by Velu Prabhakaran and written and produced by R. K. Selvamani. The film stars Arun Pandian and Roja, while Radharavi, Napoleon and Senthil play supporting roles.

Who is the villain in Karnan?

Although he plays the primary antagonist of Karnan, Natty doesn’t really see Kannabiran as an out-and-out villain, and feels that the outburst of violence was a reactionary thing. “Kannabiran starts off as someone who genuinely feels for the people wanting a bus.

Is Karnan violent movie?

Similarly, a right wing news portal, lamented that Karnan is a “violence-glorifying flick where the violence of the protagonist is justified in inhuman ways ”, and quite obviously tried to indicate that the film is an attack on Hindu religion.

Who is the villain in Karnan movie?

Mari Selvaraj has made sure that Kannan, the God of Mahabharata is a villain here and Karnan, the unsung hero gets enough glorification on screen.