Is Eternals 2 Confirmed?

Following consideration of the larger picture possibilities as well as the effort to maintain Marvel’s balance of grounded and cosmic narratives, Eternals 2 appears to be on track to release in late 2024 if it is approved.

Will there be Eternals 2?

Eternals 2 has not yet been confirmed by Marvel Studios Given that most Marvel franchises have naturally turned into trilogies (Iron Man, Captain America), while some have even gone beyond three entries (Thor, Avengers), it had been assumed by fans that Eternals would get a follow-up in the near future.

Is Harry Styles in Eternals 2?

Harry Styles plays Eros, also known as Starfox, and is introduced in the mid credits scene of Eternals , appearing to Thena, Druig, and Makkari on board their shop, the Domo.

What happens Eternals 2?

The exact plot of Eternals 2 is unknown. But from what we can surmise from the end of Eternals, it will likely revolve around Arishem’s kidnapping of Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos after they stopped the emergence from happening.

Is Ikaris coming back?

While this is far from confirmation, especially after Eternals co-writer Kaz Firpo confirmed that Ikaris will not be returning for future sequels , nothing can be ruled out in such an expansive cinematic universe filled with countless characters and storylines.

Will Eternals join Avengers?

Well, now that the Eternals are here, it’s entirely possible any number of them could join the Avengers , as they truly are some of Earth’s mightiest heroes. In fact, in the comics, three Eternals (and another character introduced in the movie) to whom we’ve already been introduced have become Avengers.

What is Dane Whitman secret?

However, Dane Whitman was about to reveal his family’s secret: Dane Whitman is descended from King Arthur’s Bloodline He was also going to reveal himself as the Black Knight and his dark, bloody history of him. In Marvel Comics, Dane Whitman is not the first but the third Black Knight in history.

Is Eros stronger than Thanos?

6 He Has Super Strength One of the powers that all Eternals share is super strength. Most Eternals can lift about thirty tons, with the stronger ones like Gilgamesh, Ikaris, and Thanos being much stronger. Eros is actually weaker than the average Eternal, but he’s still much stronger than the vast majority of humans.

Will Thanos return MCU?

Recently, online rumors have been flying that legendary Marvel Cinematic Universe villain, Thanos (Josh Brolin), would be making his MCU return in a new prequel series set before the Infinity Saga.

Is Thanos an Eternal?

Thanos’ Eternals lineage In the comics, Thanos is an Eternal , and one from a very important bloodline: His father, Al’ars, was the son of Kronos, who ruled the Eternals of Earth following a civil war that divided the original colony.

Is there a avengers 5?

And then you need time, as you did in Phase 1, to build that saga before you start bringing everyone together.” Now, however, Feige has confirmed that there will never technically be an Avengers 5 featuring the same stars fans around the world have come to know and love.

Is Galactus a celestial?

Despite the relatively similar appearance, Galactus is not a Celestial Galactus is a very specific cosmic entity that balances between Eternity and Death and is a remnant of a former universe. Celestials are beings from our universe and are a race of cosmic aliens completely different from Galactus.

What’s next after Eternals?

Spider-Man: No Way Home – December 17, 2021. Arguably the most highly anticipated MCU movie since Avengers: Endgame, Tom Holland’s third solo outing as the web-slinging New Yorker is slated to hit theaters a little over a month after the debut of Eternals.

Is Gilgamesh coming back to Eternals 2?

According to a recent report from allkpop, Don Lee will be returning as his Eternals hero Gilgamesh in an upcoming MCU project The South Korean actor is reportedly scheduled to fly to the U.S. in summer 2022 to work on a new Marvel Studios venture.

Will Icarus be back in Eternals?

Unfortunately for those hoping, writer Kaz Firpo has confirmed that the character Ikaris will not return in any future Eternals project or anywhere else.

Did Tiamat help the Eternals?

Once his palm has been exposed, Sersi began turning Tiamut into stone, eliciting strange cries from the Celestial. Surprisingly he also joined the ensuing Uni-Mind and lent the Eternals his power , preventing his own Emergence.

Will there be a Black Knight movie?

Black Knight Solo Project The release date for a project such as this would most likely be sometime in 2024, even possibly 2025 While it could very well come in the form of a theatrical film, Marvel Studios is heavily focused on making Disney+ series when it comes to solo character stories.

Who is the strongest eternal?

8 Gilgamesh Is The Physically Strongest Eternal Over the years, he’s been the group’s bruiser, the one who gets picked to smash their foes. Gilgamesh is the Eternals’ titan, and was inspired by the human legend of Gilgamesh.

Is Dane Whitman a villain?

Though Whitman chooses to be a hero in the spirit of Sir Percy rather than a villain like his uncle, he still joins the Masters of Evil in his uncle’s place with the intent of infiltrating them and bringing them to justice with the Avengers.

Is Eros Thanos brother?

Born on Saturn’s moon Titan, home to a population of Eternals all its own, Eros is the biological brother of Thanos the Mad Titan.

Is Starfox a villain?

Starfox (Eros of Titan) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Who is black Roger Marvel?

Black Roger is apparently a celebrated monarch of the Mystery Planet The planet is literally called ‘mystery’ because no one in the universe has been able to find its location. Its monarch, Dark Roger, aka Black Roger, prefers it that way and also stays in hiding until he eventually decides to emerge.

Is Eternals MCU?

Eternals is a 2021 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics race of the same name. Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, it is the 26th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

What are Eternals LOL?

Eternals is a premium champion mastery system in League of Legends, designed to proudly showcase personal accomplishment on the champion In lore, Eternals are the physical homages of forgotten deities from across Runeterran history.

How is Thanos?

Physically, Thanos stands head and shoulders above the average human or humanoid, with powerful muscles, a broad face, and a purple-hued skintone He often wears a protective suit of armor and his strength is such that he has been physically able to battle—and defeat—the likes of the Hulk.

Is Ikaris really dead Eternals?

Did Ikaris Really Die In Eternals? While many originally had some doubt whether Ikaris really died by flying straight through the sun, writer Kaz Firpo cleared up the confusion shortly after the release, confirming he did commit suicide as he couldn’t bear to face his family after his actions.

Can the dead Eternals come back?

Eternals Writer Confirms A Major Character Won’t Return.

Is Blade a MCU?

Blade is finally coming to the MCU Yes, after a 2019 reveal at San Diego Comic-Con, we learned from Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige that the day-walking vampire who hunts his own kind will finally be showing up in his own upcoming Marvel movie.

Does Thor know the Eternals?

Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) noted that back then, the God of Thunder usually followed him around, but after he became an Avenger, he wouldn’t even take his calls. This established that Thor did know about the Eternals’ existence on Earth, but never mentioned it , at least on screen.

Did Thanos know about the Eternals?

Now, it’s not explicitly said in Eternals nor in any other MCU movie if Thanos knew about The Emergence in Infinity War or not, but he most likely did.

Can the Eternals beat Thanos?

Created by comics legend Jack Kirby, the Eternals are nigh-indestructible and among the most formidable beings in the universe. Lately, Thanos and the Eternals have battled it out, and while Thanos has had the upper hand, some Eternals could beat him if they put their minds to it.

What is the Ebony Blade?

According to the dark god Knull, the Ebony Blade is a symbiotic divine weapon with the potential to destroy worlds , and its true power is beyond the ability of mortals to comprehend or unleash. The Ebony Blade deflects most magical attacks.

Who is Nathaniel Garrett?

Nathaniel “Nathan” Garrett is the estranged uncle of Dane Whitman.

What is the curse of the Ebony Blade?

Dane Whitman is the BLACK KNIGHT and wielder of the magical EBONY BLADE, but the blade’s power comes at a terrible price. Dane forever bears the burden of its curse: an insatiable lust for blood and mayhem that constantly threatens to swallow its owner in darkness.

Is Scarlet Witch stronger than Dr Strange?

Scarlet Witch As a hero, she is absolutely more powerful than Doctor Strange , and most heroes and villains in the MCU, so with no holds barred, villainous and unhindered, there’s no telling how powerful she will be.

Is Odin stronger than Thor?

In the current comics, Thor is at least as powerful as Odin , since the previous King of Asgard passed down all of his powers / the Odinforce to his heir. Thor even claimed to have performed a feat Odin could not do.

Who is Starfox stronger than?

Starfox and Thanos are equally strong. Thanos would win with the Infinity Gauntlet and is physically more powerful , but in a one-on-one fight, Starfox could abuse Thanos’ emotions towards Lady Death as well as his nihilist principles and make him do as he pleased.

Will Iron Man return Marvel?

We heard all sorts of rumors that Marvel wanted to bring both Iron Man and Steve Rogers’ Captain America (Chris Evans) back to the MCU. Meanwhile, both actors confirmed that they wouldn’t return to the MCU.

Is Captain Marvel dead?

Mar-Vell originally died in Jim Starlin’s iconic graphic novel, “The Death of Captain Marvel,” and was, oddly enough for a super hero, left deceased for about 26 years until “Secret Invasion” (2008).

Is Iron Man will return?

“It’s an animated version of all the characters we know and love from Marvel and this episode included the Grandmaster and Iron Man, so Robert Downey [Jr.] will do a voice for that.” Unless Marvel has had a massive change of heart, Downey Jr. will be back as Iron Man/Tony Stark for one last time.

Is Odin a Celestial?

Odin seems to possess a power far beyond any other Asgardian. He was a celestial that, unlike Peter’s dad, used his power to birth a race of people who each carried a bit of his power within them. Asgard was his power core (ie the eternal flame) which is why it empowered the fire giant so much that he became enormous.

Are the Eternals stronger than Thor?

So, in the end as powerful as Eternals are, none of them would be too much for Thor, Hulk and Captain Marvel Bring Doctor Strange and Wanda into the equation, and they don’t stand a chance. If you have any questions regarding MCU, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Is Thor dead?

Thor technically died during the Final Ragnarok when he defeated Those Who Sit Above In Shadow He later died fighting his uncle Cul, God of Fear, during Fear Itself. The Odinson went out fighting alongside Hyperion when the Beyonders invaded during Time Runs Out.

Who is the next Iron Man?

New ‘ Tom Cruise as Iron Man’ pics land online from Doctor Strange 2 sets. Fans debate how real they are | Hollywood – Hindustan Times.

Will Loki join the Avengers?

Loki And Sylvie Will Reportedly Join The MCU’s New Avengers.