Is Airtable Like Jira?

Airtable can be classified as a tool in the “Spreadsheets as a Backend” category, while Jira is grouped under “Issue Tracking” “Powerful and easy to use” is the primary reason why developers consider Airtable over the competitors, whereas “Powerful” was stated as the key factor in picking Jira.

Does Airtable integrate with JIRA?

Airtable+ for Jira is the best way to seamlessly integrate Airtable into your Jira issues Embed shared links by themselves or add multiple tabs with notes, images, PDFs and 150+ other compatible apps. 🔥 Absolutely bursting with features: Cross-compatible with 150+ marketplace apps.

Is Airtable better than Monday?

Airtable vs Ease of Use Both Airtable and are easy to use with templates, a simple but powerful user interface, and plenty of ways to learn the software. Between the two, is the easiest to set up and use, especially compared to Airtable’s more unique and complex functions.

Is Airtable better than ClickUp?

Reviewers felt that ClickUp meets the needs of their business better than Airtable When comparing quality of ongoing product support, reviewers felt that ClickUp is the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers preferred the direction of ClickUp over Airtable.

What is Airtable used for?

Airtable is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases The user interface is simple, colorful, friendly, and allows anyone to spin up a database in minutes.

Does Airtable have an API?

The Airtable API structure As the name suggests, the regular API is RESTful It can be used to Create, Read, Update and Delete records from your Airtable bases. If you want to retrieve information about your with your bases, tables, and views, you’ll need to make use of the Metadata API.

Is Airtable better than Excel?

Airtable is a hybrid between a spreadsheet and a database. As such, it comes with many features and functionalities that you simply don’t get with your traditional spreadsheets. Therefore, Airtable is the better option for most people already using spreadsheets.

Is smartsheet better than Airtable?

“ Smartsheet is most similar to Airtable , which also uses advanced spreadsheets to organize projects and every other aspect of your business. AirTable is slightly less expensive and offers a more user-friendly interface, but it lacks the depth of functionality that Smartsheet offers.

How is Airtable better than Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a static spreadsheet. Airtable’s Tables have Rows/Records, Cells, and Columns. But, with Airtable, you can easily switch the view of each Table to show things like a Calendar or a Kanban board like Trello Google Sheets is all about the spreadsheet.

What is better than Airtable?

ProofHub is a cloud-hosted project management solution that comes packed with scalable features that make it a perfect alternative to software like Airtable. Unlike Airtable, ProofHub allows teams to keep track of their billable and non-billable hours of projects using Timesheet and time reports.

What is the difference between notion and Airtable?

With Notion, your only option is sharing your table and having users input data directly into cells. Airtable, on the other hand, lets you create a form (as another grid view) where you can present users with fields, multiple choices, file uploads and long-form texts – without needing a single integration.

Is ClickUp a database?

If you’re in need of a great collaboration tool that also doubles as a perfect content database tool , then look no further than ClickUp.

Does Airtable integrate with Salesforce?

Airtable Sync integrations allow you to bring information from Airtable bases and other external tools into a single, centralized table This article covers how to sync Salesforce report data to an Airtable base. This feature is available for all Enterprise customers.

What is Jira align?

Jira Align is an Enterprise Agile Planning platform that connects work to product, program and portfolio management at scale It connects and brings together all that data together harmoniously so that you can get real-time, fully informed reporting across your organization.

Does Monday com integrate with Airtable?

At the moment we do no have a native integration with Airtable That being said, you could connect with Airtable through Zapier: Here at JT’s Cloud we would also be able to build you a custom integration to be able to achieve your requirements.

Is Monday com a database?

The project requests and approvals template, pictured above, is an example of a database The information is organized in a way that makes it easy to retrieve, reference, and edit different file formats.

How do I export Airtable to excel?

  1. Open the table you want to export from Airtable to Excel.
  2. Open the view menu, then select Download CSV.
  3. Open the CSV in Microsoft Excel once it has downloaded.

Does ClickUp integrate with Airtable?

Airtable + ClickUp Integrations Zapier lets you send info between Airtable and ClickUp automatically —no code required.

How is ClickUp?

ClickUp lets you create rich-text Docs for your marketing plans, reports, strategies, and other files You can store them all in one place within ClickUp and even attach them to tasks. You can also edit and collaborate with your team members in real-time, Google Docs style.

Why is Airtable so popular?

Users could view and manipulate many different kinds of data because those data types were true records. By allowing users to work with several different data types within a single grid-based layout, Airtable gave users the power to connect and work with all their data in one place and create simple applications.

Does Airtable use SQL?

Airtable Concepts Tables are SQL tables If you haven’t used SQL, you can think of a table like a spreadsheet. Each row is a record. Columns are called Fields.

Can Airtable replace Excel?

Airtable is adding new functions all the time, and it has an active online community where folks regularly share their own custom formulas to replace most missing Excel functions , but it will take some time for Airtable to reach the breadth of specific functions that are in Excel or Google Sheets.

What database does Airtable use?

Airtable is a relational database , which means that it’s designed to represent the relationships between different concepts and/or objects. A linked record field represents a relationship between two different objects, ideas, or people. You can use it to link two tables together, like Artists and Albums.

Is Airtable safe?

Airtable’s data is encrypted both when it is sent to and from our servers, as well as when it is at rest To protect your content in transit, Airtable uses 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption. At rest, Airtable content is protected using 256-bit AES encryption.

Can I buy shares in Airtable?

They give its customers access to IPOs and secondary offerings through their existing brokerage account. Also you can buy Airtable shares when the company goes public via a trading app like eToro.

Is Airtable just Excel?

While programs like Excel function only as traditional spreadsheets, Airtable works similarly to both spreadsheets and databases As a spreadsheet, you can structure information in a grid view with the expected format of columns, rows, and cells.

Do Excel formulas work in Airtable?

In a spreadsheet, you can put a formula in any cell, and have it reference any other cell in the sheet. Airtable is a relational database so formulas are applied for the entire field (column) so that the same formula applies to every record in that field.

Can Airtable do calculations?

Automatically perform calculations with this simple guide to formula fields. Working with formulas can take your Airtable base from useful to absolutely extraordinary.

Why Smartsheet vs Excel?

Easy work management Smartsheet has flexible views to display data including grid, card (Kanban), Gantt, and calendar, empowering teams to work together with agility, speed, and accountability. Excel is limited to a grid view, which makes it difficult to plan, track, and report on key workflows.

Which is better Asana or Smartsheet?

In short, Smartsheet offers many of the same features as Asana and is indeed a powerful application. However, Asana provides a better user interface, more robust project management features, and more accessible collaboration capabilities.

Can I use Smartsheet offline?

Answers. Hi Dean, Unfortunately, it’s not possible at the moment to use Smartsheet offline , but it’s an excellent idea! As a possible workaround, you could export the Smartsheet Sheet to Excel or Google Sheets or similar and then import it again when done.

Is Airtable good for CRM?

Airtable is a popular data organizing and team collaboration tool that helps businesses organize information, manage operations, and keep track of projects. While Airtable is not a CRM, it does have similar data organization capabilities, giving it the ability to be used as a CRM.

Is Airtable free?

Airtable has both free and premium plans available , as well as discounts available to qualifying students, educators, and non-profit institutions. You can add as many collaborators and bases as you’d like for free, as long as each base falls below the per-base record limits described on the pricing page.

Is Airtable spreadsheet?

Airtable is a combination of spreadsheets and databases ; it’s the best of both worlds. Airtable makes it easier to interact with your data, while at the same time enabling programmatic management of your data.

Who are Airtables competitors?

  • ClickUp. (4,179)4.7 out of 5.
  • Quickbase. (223)4.4 out of 5.
  • Trello. (12,583)4.4 out of 5.
  • Asana. (8,157)4.3 out of 5.
  • Smartsheet. (7,766)4.4 out of 5.
  • (5,601)4.7 out of 5.
  • Basecamp. (4,979)4.1 out of 5.
  • Wrike. (2,486)4.2 out of 5.

Is Airtable a Google product?

After launching a new work tracking tool from its Area 120 incubator last year, Google has announced that its AirTable rival Tables will soon become a “fully-supported Google Cloud product”.

What companies use Airtable?

  • Conde Nast Entertainment.
  • JetBlue.
  • Shopify.
  • Expedia.
  • Time.
  • A&E Networks.
  • Penguin Random House.
  • BuzzFeed.

Which is better Evernote or Notion?

The greatest difference between these two products is that Notion was built from the ground up as an all-in-one organizational tool that helps users keep all of their work in one space. Evernote was built as an organizational note-taking app that also keeps users’ files in one place.

Is Notion better than confluence?

While Notion offers everything from databases to kanban boards, Confluence is purposefully more focused on being a document collaboration and software documentation tool It’s also more rigid and doesn’t have the flexibility and customization options of Notion, which also makes it easier to get started with.

Is Obsidian better than Notion?

Notion allows to share its workspace with others, and participants can be invited. The users can also tag the tasks and projects with the other name, while on the other hand, Obsidian does not allow its vault sharing but allows file in text or pdf format to export.