How Is Bill Gaither’s Health?

“ I’m still healthy; I’m sitting up and taking nourishment ,” he said. “I’ve been blessed with some pretty amazing health. I’ve got a couple stents but that’s not bad.” Gaither’s early interest in gospel music led him to Delaware, Ohio, after he graduated from high school in 1955.

What religion are the Gaithers?

“The Gaithers are to Christian music what the Beatles are to pop music.” That’s how Bill and Gloria Gaither were introduced when the American Society of Composers, Artists and Publishers (ASCAP) named them “Songwriters of the Century.” Unquestionably, Christian music falls into two categories: Before Gaithers (B.G.).

Why did Phelps leave the Gaithers?

Twenty years with the Gaither Vocal Band was enough for soaring tenor singer David Phelps. He is leaving the group to concentrate on his burgeoning solo career.

Where are Bill and Gloria Gaither now?

After decades of unprecedented musical successes, Bill and Gloria still operate their business from Bill’s hometown of Alexandria, Indiana , and they dwell in the same home in which they raised their family. They live a lifestyle focused on investing their resources into eternal things.

Is Gaither Vocal Band Adventist?

Gaither Vocal Group – The Old Country Church (Live/Lyric Video) Seventh-day Adventist celebrating 130 years in Guyana.

Is Maggie Beth Phelps David’s daughter?

David’s wife is Lori Purtle Phelps (also born on October 21, 1969). They have four children : Callie, Maggie Beth, David Grant and Coby.

Is Guy Penrod still married?

Personal life. Penrod and his wife, Angie (Clark) , have eight children—seven boys and a girl. All of their children are home schooled.

When did Bill & Gloria Gaither get married?

In September of 1961 Gaither taught at Alexandria High School, where he met Gloria Sickal, who was teaching French. They became engaged the following summer and married on December 22, 1962 Gloria immediately started helping with the lyrics on songs. Very early on, Bill and Gloria decided to keep their own copyrights.

Who is the richest gospel singer?

New reports indicate Gospel music icon and King’s Men Tour mastermind Kirk Franklin , known for his millions of records sold and chart-topping hit singles since his leading the careers of urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God’s Property and One Nation Crew, is actually the richest artist in Gospel.

Is another Gaither Vocal Band Reunion scheduled in 2021?

Gaither Vocal Band Reunion – October 15 & 16, 2021 – Gaither Music.

How do I contact Bill Gaither?

You can contact us at [email protected] and we will do our very best to answer your inquiries within 2 business days.

Are the Gaithers still performing?

Gaither Vocal Band is currently touring across 1 country and has 2 upcoming concerts Their next tour date is at North Charleston Performing Arts Center in North Charleston, after that they’ll be at Blue Gate Music Hall in Shipshewana.

Where is the Gaither family from?

In 2002 they were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame. Gaither was born and raised in Alexandria, Indiana , where his family ran a small farm with corn, wheat, and a few cows.

How old is gospel singer Lynda Randle?

Lynda is 58 years old as of 2020, she was born on 7 February 1964, in Washington DC, United States.

What does the name Gaither mean?

English: occupational name from Middle English gaytere ‘goatherd’, an agent derivative of Middle English gayte ‘goat’ (a northern spelling of Old English gat, or from the related Old Norse word geit).

Who was Michael English first wife?

At about the same time he married his first wife Lisa Bailey and they had a daughter Megan who was born in late 1984.

What church do the Gaithers belong to?

Current and former Nazarenes include James Dobson, Thomas Kinkade, Bill Gaither, Debbie Reynolds, Gary Hart, and Crystal Lewis.

Is Reggie Smith SDA?

In this video, well known Christian musicians, Reggie & Ladye Love Smith and Andrews University Choir sing a song that has become very popular in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

When did Gloria Gaither stop singing?

Gloria Gaither (born March 4, 1942) is a Christian singer-songwriter, author, speaker, editor, and academic. She is married to Bill Gaither and together they have written more than 700 songs. She performed, traveled and recorded with the Bill Gaither Trio from 1965 through 1991.

Where is David Phelps?

While studying music at Baylor, David met Lori Purtle, who has been his wife and rock-solid partner in his career for more than two decades. The couple has four great kids – Callie, Maggie Beth, Grant and Coby – and the Phelps family resides in the country outside Nashville, Tennessee.

Who is Sherri Proctor?

Throughout her life, Sherri homeschooled all three of her children and served as a church worship-leader. She owned and operated The Blue Planet Group, an artist booking and management agency and was an accomplished vocalist and studio musician with a number of recordings to her credit.

Does Bill Gaither’s children sing?

Benjamin Gaither is the only son of Bill and Gloria Gaither, gospel music legends. He wrote his first song at age 4 and hasn’t stopped writing since.

How many grandchildren does Bill Gaither have?

They continue to focus their resources on investing in eternal things, including as much time as possible spent with their 3 grown children and 7 brilliant grandchildren.