How Did Surya Marry Jyothika?

The doting couple’s marriage functions had started off with a mehendi ceremony on September 10, 2006. On September 11, 2006, Suriya and Jyothika had taken their wedding vows at Park Sheraton Hotel in Chennai. Their wedding was according to traditional Tamil culture and the ceremonies had begun early morning.

How did Surya meet Jyothika?

They met on the sets of their film Poovellam Kettuppar in 1999 Though Jyothika didn’t know Tamil, she made an effort to learn the language and delivered the dialogues with perfection. Suriya was attracted to her dedication and ability to work hard. In 2001, Suriya was passing by the sets, where Jyothika was filming.

When did Surya and Jyothika fell in love?

Saravanan Sivakumar, better known as Suriya met his lady love in 1999 on the sets of Poovellam Kettuppar. While Suriya was the son of legendary actor Sivakumar, Jyothika was from Mumbai and hailed from a Punjabi – Maharashtrian background.

Is Suriya younger than Jyothika?

Suriya is the eldest child of actor Sivakumar and his younger brother Karthi is also an actor. He married co-star Jyothika in 2006. In 2008, he began Agaram Foundation, which funds various philanthropic activities.

Did Vijay and Surya study together?

Both Suriya and Vijay are alumnus of the Loyola College Chennai where Vijay is one year senior to Suriya. That friendship remains still intact In a recent interview Suriya revealed that both Vijay and he are members of a Whats App group of Loyola College Alumni and the group is pretty active.

How did Suriya and Jyothika fall in love?

It was during the filming of Kaakha Kaakha , the two had fallen in love. When the film was released, the couple was believed to have gotten engaged. The engagement was a low-key affair and it is said that Suriya had gotten engaged to Jyothika to get some time to convince his parents about their relationship.

Who is best Vijay or Surya?

Vijay is Mass hero liked by kids and young men. Suriya is liked by both young men and women, and also elders and kids Vijay’s big pluses are his dance movements and comedy acting. Suriya’s is intense characters, big acting talent and his hard work.

Who is actor Surya best friend?

Ilayathalapathy Vijay and Suriya have worked in blockbuster films like Nerrukku Ner and Friends. Despite being on-screen rivals, Vijay and Suriya have always shared a cordial relationship with each other. In fact, the duo have worked in blockbuster films like Nerrukku Ner and Friends.

Who is Vijay’s bestfriend?

Thalapathy Vijay’s close friend, Sanjeev Venkat will be entering the house of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5’ as a wildcard contestant.

Can Jyothika speak Tamil?

Jyothika entered the Tamil industry in 2000 and was not quite fluent with the language , owing to her being born and brought up in Mumbai. Also, since both her parents were from Punjabi and Maharashtra, she had never spoken the language. However, the actor learned quick and bettered herself at the language in no time.

Where is Kamal sadanah now?

He continues to stay in Mumbai while his wife Lisa has gone on to live with her parents in Goa. “Two people grow apart and go in different directions. Such things are happening all over and ours was one of those,” Kamal talked about his separation to ETimes.

Is Maheshwari sister of Sridevi?

Maheswari was born into a Telugu speaking family to Mohan Reddy and Suryakala. She has a brother Avishek Karthik who is also an actor. Late veteran actress Sridevi was her maternal aunt.